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At Junk Command, we provide experienced and professional home junk removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. When you need residential junk removal services in a timely and proficient manner, trust the capabilities of junk removal company that works with large corporations, local contractors, and common homeowners throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Moving is always a daunting task, with many active parts to be considered. You're making a transition, hopefully to a better situation, and there's a lot you have to do. At Junk Command, our home junk removal services are designed to make this process easier for you.

We'll deal with your clutter and remove your furniture. We can remove old mattresses, stained carpet, and rubbish of many kinds. In addition to storage cleanup and home junk removal, we offer construction waste removal and last-minute storage cleanup throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. We operate quickly, we have no qualms in tackling large or challenging jobs, and we do it all at a reasonable price.

As part of our comprehensive residential trash removal and junk removal services, we also work with individuals and realtors to cleanup foreclosed homes, homes to be sold, yards, and renovated properties. Contact us today, or learn more about our locally-trusted residential junk removal service below.


Some of our residential junk removal services include:

Follow the links above for more information about each junk removal specialty, or get a brief summary of each service below.

1 Estate Sales

We specialize in cleaning up estate sales, which can be time-consuming because of the burden of unsold furniture. We'll dispose of it for you in responsible and eco-friendly ways.

2 Garbage Sales

Don't turn your garage into a cluttered storage facility! Once you've sold all the belongings you're willing to part with, call us to reclaim your valuable garage space. More than just a home junk removal company, we can help you consolidate your materials and maximize the value of your assets.

3 Home Remodeling Projects

We coordinate with remodelers, handymen, and DIYers to speed up home improvement projects. We can provide containers, take care of demolition, and sort and dispose of all your unwanted materials.

4 Furniture Removal

We can haul away old bulk furniture, including couches, recliners, tables, and chairs. Depending on the furniture's condition, we'll take it to the appropriate facility for processing, recycling, or disposal.

5 Carpet Removal

If you want to get rid of carpeting, count on us. As part of our residential junk removal services, we'll load, lift, clean up, and take away your old or leftover carpet remnants so you can improve your home.

6 Yard Waste

When you coordinate with our Minneapolis-St. Paul junk removal experts, we'll haul away unwanted yard trimmings, from leaves and branches to brush and grass clippings. We'll also make sure it's recycled properly.

7 Miscellaneous Recycling

We recycle! In fact, our main goal is to haul away junk and handle it in an environmentally friendly-way. We'll recycle appliances and anything that's larger than normal. We also provide electronics and computer recycling services to both business and residential homeowners.

8 Construction Debris

In addition to being proficient garbage haulers, we can take care of heavy construction or dense materials, such as masonry products, gravel, concrete, brick, tiles, and shingles.

We're experts when it comes to removing waste in a way that's responsible to you, your home, and our community. To learn more about home junk removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, contact us now via our online form to save 10 percent off your junk removal service.