Business Remodel

Remodel, Construction, & Demolition Waste Removal

Business Remodel

As part of our construction and demolition waste removal services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we often work with contractors to keep them working instead of hauling. When job sites are not dumpster friendly or custom labor is required for demolition waste removal and processing of debris, call Junk Command for all your commercial junk removal needs.

Time is money is an expression we respect and follow. We at Junk Command are experts at anticipating the needs of businesses, and we're the perfect service for businesses going through growth, re-sizing, or remodeling. We can help you drive your resources in the right direction, so you can continue business as usual even while you're changing and improving your space.

Complete, Eco-Friendly Demolition Waste Removal for Business Remodels

Our experience includes working with contractors so they can focus on construction while we take care of the hauling. Especially when job sites are less than dumpster-friendly, or when custom labor is required for demolition and the processing of debris, we're ready and available to take on the job.

As part of our business moving and demolition waste removal services, we lift and take away heavy items from desk chairs to conference tables, and we will remove appliances, furniture, construction debris, displays, and much more. We dispose of them in responsible, eco-friendly ways: by donating, recycling, or disposing of them. We'll protect your spaces, reduce your clutter, and provide a comprehensive, worry-free remodeling experience for you.

Customized Construction Demolition Waste Removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

At Junk Command, we have a depth of understanding of the challenges that companies face when they undergo an extensive business remodel. When your business needs construction and demolition waste removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we customize our approach just for your project, and we will remove whatever you need with the minimum of fuss. That allows you and your employees to continue their daily work while we take away the trash. We'll reduce confusion and disruption to your routine, and make it possible for you to keep working throughout the process.

We'll give you a two-hour window for our arrive, bring the tools and strength needed, and get your items removed. That's it. Once we know what you want, we do our work so quickly and efficiently you'll barely know we were there. Count on us to maintain a productive working environment even through the chaos of remodeling.

Call on us for your business remodel's demolition waste removal needs! To learn more about our services in construction & demolition waste removal Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, You can contact us today by phone or via our online request form. It's a straightforward and simple process, so sign with us today.