Pricing Estimator

We charge by how much volume your items take up in our truck. Our 20 cubic yard trucks can fit approximately 8 pickup truck loads worth of junk which on average hold 2.5 cubic yards if filled to the top of the bed. Also, be sure to review our list of items that have additional 'recycling fees'.

Size matters! Our trucks are 20 cubic yards and most competitors trucks are 25% smaller. On average our rates are 33% less than our competitors and with over 24 years experience in junk removal, we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied. All appointments are no obligation, but we come prepared to do the work! Once on-site our team will give you a final price based on how much space the items you have take up in our truck.

*The price for very heavy items items such as roofing material, rock and concrete cannot be estimated with the Pricing Estimator. Please call 952.495.5865 for pricing for these items.

Estimate Summary

Price - $110
*MN Sales Tax and County Taxes Not Included in Pricing
Load Size Our Price Cubic Yards Pick Up Truck Loads
(to help you estimate load size)
Average Competitor Price
1/8 Load
1/6 Load
1/4 Load
1/3 Load
3/8 Load
1/2 Load
5/8 Load
2/3 Load
3/4 Load
7/8 Load
Full Load
The following items have additional recycling fees. Please enter the quantity of each of the following items you would like removed.