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Garage Sale Cleanup & Junk Removal

Garage Sales

At Junk Command, we provide garage junk removal and cleaning services for homeowners and property owners in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. Whether you need help with post-garage sale cleanup or garage/shed cleaning services, recruit the expertise of a professional junk removal company that works with large corporations, local contractors, and common homeowners throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

A garage sale is a good way to clear clutter from your residence. Afterwards, call on Junk Command to remove your leftovers. We'll get rid of the unwanted items and make sure your garage is ready for the long winters in Minnesota. Stop storing your junk – get rid of it instead with the help of our efficient and affordable home and garage junk removal service.

Post-Garage Sale Cleanup & Junk Removal Services

We can aid your post-garage sale cleanup efforts and give you back your residential spaces. Our process is systematic and organized, and we'll take on any challenge. We get rid of unwanted furniture, apply proper procedures for getting rid of all materials, and handle large-scale projects. We do everything at a reasonable price.

In addition, we are mindful of our environment and our communities. Our garage junk removal processes are eco-friendly. We donate where possible, recycle and reuse if we can, and take the rest of the rubbish to proper places for disposal. You can provide us with input, because we also want to make sure your needs are being met.

Home & Garage Junk Removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Our personalized process is quick and easy. You call us, we come to you within a two-hour window with tools and manpower to get the job done, and we take away your unwanted stuff. You pay based on the amount of junk you want removed; all labor and dump fees are included. Then, we clean up, and your job is done. We do this with a minimum of fuss, and we try to disrupt your daily routine as little as possible.

As leading provider of home and garage junk removal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, Junk Command is a family-owned company with local roots in the Twin Cities region. As part of our home and garage junk removal services, we're committed to making this area a better place, and our business practices show this. We can handle all your home junk removal needs, no matter how big or small. Use our trash removal services to save yourself time and effort, and get things done.

Junk Command offers complete, friendly, courteous service. Need help with post garage sale cleanup? Learn more about our garage junk removal and cleaning services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and contact us today by phone or via our online request form to get started.