Estate Sales

Estate Sale Cleanup & Junk Removal

Estate Sales

Junk Command specializes in estate sales cleanups. We understand the needs of local citizens in clearing out real estate in a timely manner that doesn't interfere with your regular schedule. We offer efficient service that takes all the complexities of the job into account.

Complete Junk Hauling Services for Estate Sales Cleanups

We'll coordinate with liquidation professionals and real estate representatives to do a systematic and organized cleanup of any estate. We can remove leftover furniture, dispose of materials appropriately, and handle large-scale projects. We'll tackle any challenge, and we'll do it at a reasonable price. You can count on us to be mindful of our environment and our communities. We deal with junk responsibly, donating where we can, recycling where appropriate, and making sure items that can be reused have that opportunity.

There's something inherently satisfactory in getting rid of clutter. However, we know that estate sales can be difficult both physically and emotionally on people and families. That's why we pride ourselves on working with you to make sure your needs are met. Our compassionate and experienced employees will do the job to your specifications.

Fast, Customized Junk Removal Services for Estate Sales

Our process is designed to be easy and fast. Basically, we haul away all your unwanted stuff, and you pay for it based on the amount of junk you want removed. All labor and dump fees are included. We arrive, provide an estimate, and do the work. Then, we do any cleanup that's required, and your job is done. Your role is to be there when we arrive, tell us what to move, and pay our bill. That's it.

Junk Command is a family-owned company that serves the Twin Cities region. We're fully insured, with dependable employees and a philosophy of courtesy and community responsibility. If you have waste hauling needs of any kind, no matter how big or small, we can take it on. Our simple, straightforward process prioritizes your needs and saves you time and effort.

To learn more about our junk removal services for estate sales, reach out to us by phone or via our online form to get information. We'll help you clean up.