Computer & Monitor Recycling

Computer & Electronics Recycling

Computer & Monitor Recycling

If you need electronics recycling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Junk Command provides professional computer recycling and electronics disposal. As a leading e-waste recycler serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota, Junk Command can help with all types of old electronics recycling, including computer monitoring recycling, computer parts recycling, and more.

We use so many electronics in our daily lives, but most people don't often think about where they go when they become obsolete or useless and must be discarded. At Junk Command, Inc., we do. We have long experience junking computers and monitors, and we can recycle them so you don't have to expend any energy worrying about harming the environment or improper disposal.

Complete Computer Monitor & Electronic Parts Recycling

Our complete junk hauling services include electronic waste (or e-waste recycling). We'll haul away and recycle your computers, parts, and monitors, no matter the age or size, so that you can free up valuable storage space and use your resources wisely. We can just take your electronic junk, or we can haul them away as part of a larger job that includes other office furniture, displays, and equipment.

We're a full-service electronics recycling company that can take on jobs of any size, hauling your CPUs, electronics, batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, and more. We make a point of sorting, donating, and recycling everything responsibly, including e-waste like computers and monitors. We do our job quickly and in a non-disruptive way so that you can get back to what you need to do. Junk Command is committed to serving you and the greater business community of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN in an eco-friendly manner.

Responsible E-Waste & Electronics Recycling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

With Junk Command's professional of junk removal Minneapolis-St. Paul, we offer personalized services for your electronics recycling needs. We do the job with efficiency and thoroughness. All you have to do is call, set up a time with us, and instruct us upon arrival. We bring the manpower and the tools for your electronics recycling project, and then we get out quickly.

We are well equipped to deal with the harmful chemicals, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, often contained in monitors and computers. We realize that improper electronics disposal can release these chemicals into our local air and water, which makes this type of electronics recycling the domain of experts. That's us. Count on us to do the job in a way that makes the community and its families a priority.

Junk Command serves the Twin Cities area with complete, friendly, courteous service and a real desire to help you recycle computer parts, monitors, and old electronics responsibly. To learn more about electronics and computer recycling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, contact us today by phone or via our online request form.