Eco-Friendly Recycling & Demolition Recycling


At Junk Command, recycling your junk in an environmentally-friendly manner is our first priority. We strive to be good members of our communities and our planet, and we are leading provider of eco-friendly recycling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. So wehether you need carpet recycling or post-demolition recycling, you can count on us for all-green recycling of your waste. Learn more about some of these we recycling in an eco-friendly manner.

1 Household Junk

We recycle household junk, including furniture, packaging, books, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, phone boots, food waste, clothing, and more.

2 Yard Waste

We recycle yard waste, such as leaves, branches, brush and grass clippings, and yard trimmings. We do this from March 1 to November 31.

3 Appliances

We will haul away your refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and many other appliances for donation, recycling, and disposal where necessary.

4 Construction/Demolition

We will take away remnants from construction, demolition, and remodeling projects, such as carpet, drywall, lumber, concrete, brick, shingles, tile, and other materials.

5 Plastics

We can also handle many types of plastic, from bottles to pipes. If you have empty plastic containers or mixed items, we will recycle and dispose of them responsibly.

6 Glass

We will haul away all your glass items, from windowpanes and automotive glass to bottles and building glazing.

7 Metal

We will take all ferrous and non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, and more. We send these to dedicated recycling centers.

8 E-waste

We can recycle your computer monitors, CPUs, electronics, batteries, and fluorescent lightbulbs.

9 Tires

We;ll take all your tires, whether they have rims or not. Doesn't matter if they're on- or off-road; our people can handle them.

10 Things We Can't Take

We cannot dispose of paint, chemicals (solvents and oils), asbestos, oil drums (unless empty with tops and bottoms cut out), oil tanks, or hazardous materials.

11 Where the Junk Goes

Our eco-friendly recycling policy means that we utilize all the methods at our disposal to reduce landfill clutter. We donate at the customer's request and we sell at thrift stores so that items can get a second life. We recycle as many materials as we can through specialized recycling centers. And, if we can't recycle, we dispose of items through county transfer stations. These stations will sort trash further, then get them out to landfills in a responsible way that reduces local labor and operating costs.

At Junk Command, we've become experts at eco-friendly junk removal and recycling so that we can fulfill our prime directive. You can be certain, when you hire us, that we will do our best to ensure your junk is treated in a way that minimizes its environmental impact. To learn more about our all-green recycling solutions in Minneapolis-St. Paul, contact us today!