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Manufacturing Site Clean Up

If you're a manufacturing business in Minneapolis-St. Paul that is moving to a new location, or if you have leftover product and overstock items, our construction waste disposal and cleanup services can help. Junk Command's experience with construction cleanup and debris/waste removal means we know the challenges inherent in cleaning up manufacturing sites, and we can do it properly with very little trouble to you.

Complete, Eco-Friendly Construction Waste Disposal Services for Manufacturing Sites

Our goal when we help clean up manufacturing sites is to haul away your unwanted items, freeing up valuable storage space and allowing you to put your resources to better use. If you're moving, we can come in and provide construction waste disposal and clean up your previous facility so that it's ready for new projects or owners. We can handle it all, and we'll do it in a way that's non-disruptive, high-quality, and totally affordable.

We're a full-service company. We haul away everything from metal scraps and furniture to construction debris. Then, we sort, donate, and recycle it responsibly. You can even give input as to where the waste material goes. We pride ourselves on responsible and environmentally-friendly disposal, so that's another thing that you don't have to worry about, Junk Command is committed to serving you and providing professional construction waste disposal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN.

Professional, Customized Construction Cleanup Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

At Junk Command, we thrive on the challenging jobs. We are thrilled to offer personalized construction cleanup services for manufacturing sites in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and we know we can do the job right. We pride ourselves on thorough, efficient work done courteously, so site owners can focus on other important business matters instead.

We offer friendly and courteous service that pays attention to detail and makes things simple for you and your staff. We arrive during a two-hour window, bring the right manpower and tools for any job, and get the work done quickly and with great attention to all the details. Then, we get out quickly. Ours is a simple, time-tested process that priorities you and your company.

Junk Command is a family-run, Twin Cities-based business with local roots, a philosophy of good business, and a desire to help. To learn more about construction waste disposal and cleanup services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN contact us today by phone or via our online request form.