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Commercial Junk Removal Services

Commercial Services

ALL KINDS OF JUNK REMOVAL. QUICK & COMPLETE REMOVAL OF GARBAGE & DEBRIS & FURNITURE. When you need commercial junk removal services in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, contact Junk Command to help with the junk removal and cleanup of your new or old commercial location. Whether it is the cleanup of garbage to clear out a new space for your business, construction debris/junk removal because you have just built your new dream office, or old office furniture removal from a site you just moved out of, our efficient junk removal service can help get the job done in a timely manner.

PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY & EFFICIENT JUNK REMOVAL Services. Our Minneapolis-St.Paul-based junk removal service is nimble and responsive to your needs, and will focus on the cleanup of garbage so you can focus on your business. Our junk removal company staffs experts who are both professional and courteous, while providing commercial junk removal services that you need within a timeframe that suits your busy schedule.

Junk Removal Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

At Junk Command, we specialize in all types of commercial junk removal services and cleanup, including complete junk removal of garbage, debris, and furniture. If you're looking for a Minneapolis-St. Paul-based business for junk removal services, come to us.

We'll clear out garbage to create room for your growing business. We'll haul away leftover construction debris that's cluttering up the site of your newly-built dream office. We'll remove old, surplus office furniture from a site you've just vacated. And we will do the job quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

As one of most reputable and locally-trusted junk removal companies in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, we pride ourselves on nimble, responsive service. Junk Command employees are friendly and courteous, with experience in providing high-volume, personalized commercial junk removal services within your timeframe.

About Our Business Junk Removal Service

As part of our business junk removal service, our company can help your business with the following tasks:

1 Small Office Move

If your small business is changing location, don't worry about the waste left behind. We haul away unwanted equipment, e-waste, office debris and trash, old furniture, and whatever else you don't want to take with you.

2 Corporate Office Move

Bigger companies have bigger waste issues, but we can handle it! Our customized junk removal services will accommodate any commercial situation. If you're growing, you need a junk removal company you can count on.

3 Restaurant Closing

Eateries that are relocating or closing have special needs, and we know exactly how to deal with them. From appliance removal to taking down signs or displays, we can get the junk out of your way and help you prepare for your next step.

4 Business Remodel

We work with contractors in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN to create a more efficient and specialized team of junk removers. In short, our junk removal company hauls away waste and unwanted items while they redesign. Our employees understand how to work with sites that are not dumpster-friendly, and provide custom labor for demolition and processing of debris.

5 Manufacturing Site Cleanup

As part of our commercial junk removal services, we understand the challenges inherent in manufacturing sites with leftover product. We can free up up valuable storage space, take away overstock items, and clean up facilities as you move out.

6 Computer & Monitor Recycling

We can haul away unwanted e-waste for you, including computer monitors, CPUs, batteries, and fluorescent bulbs. We understand the best and safest ways to dispose of outdated and broken electronic items.

7 Printer Recycling

Our junk removal company can break down copiers and printers as far as possible, reuse certain items for future printer manufacture, then recycle the rest at appropriate facilities. Don't toss these items; call us first for proper and safety-tested disposal.

For more information about our Commercial junk removal services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, contact us today by phone or via our online request form for additional information.