Where Does Your Junk End Up?

7 Apr
Where Does Your Junk End Up?

I’m sure we’ve all wondered now and then where the things we put in the trash end up. It’s easy to put it out of your mind once they leave your house, but it’s important to be conscious of the impact that your waste has on the world. You should always do your best to avoid just trashing unwanted items because you never know how they could be reused or recycled.

At Junk Command, we do everything that we can to make sure that your junk doesn’t end up in landfills where they can sit for hundreds or thousands of years even. Here is a breakdown of the steps we take to dispose of your junk in a way that keeps the environment and community safe:


At your request, we donate items that are still in good shape to charities that can benefit from them or sell them at thrift store prices to get the most reuse out of your waste as possible. Though it may be trash to you, someone else may find great value in an item that you wish to discard. You never know what items may get a second life.


The next step in our process is to sort through everything that can’t be donated or resold and find the recyclable items to take to proper recycling facilities or a recycling depot where they are separated and sorted. Items that can be recycled include electronics, appliances, carpets, construction materials, household junk, batteries, metals, plastics, tires, and yard waste. Throwing items like these in the trash is not only a detriment to the environment, but also a waste of valuable resources.

Transfer Stations

Any leftover material that can’t be donated, sold, or recycled is taken to a county transfer station where the items are sorted further. From the transfer station, waste is taken to a landfill, incinerator, or hazardous waste facility. Keep in mind, we do everything we can to take as little to transfer stations as possible, but some items just can’t be reused or recycled. Fortunately, transfer stations dispose of your waste responsibly while having the least impact on the community possible.

At Junk Command, we’re experts at disposing of junk in an environmentally friendly manner. We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to dispose of waste without harming the environment, so let us take care of that work for you. When you call Junk Command, your junk will be removed in a timely manner and you can rest easy knowing that you did everything you could to reduce your footprint by hiring an eco-friendly junk removal service.

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