The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Electronics Disposal

7 Apr
The Importance of Environmentally Friendly Electronics Disposal

Did you know that in Minnesota, as well as other states, it is actually illegal to dispose of certain electronics in regular trash removal services? In fact, in California in 2011, Target corporation agreed to pay out $22.5 million for charges that more than 240 Target stores over several years unlawfully disposed of toxic materials including batteries and electronics.

Of course, Target was disposing of these items on a large scale, hence the large payout, but even on a small scale in your local community, throwing electronics in the trash can be detrimental to the environment and cost you a fee if you’re caught doing it.

Recycle Electronics to Keep the Environment Safe

Whether it’s an outdated TV or old desktop computers you don’t want anymore, you are required to recycle electronics because of the effects they can have on the environment if they end up in a landfill. Toxic chemicals found in electronics like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, beryllium, and other flammable materials can seep into the ground and water as they break down over time. This means that when you’re throwing electronics in the trash, you’re polluting the soil and water of surrounding communities with harmful chemicals that may never go away.

Old Electronics Can Be Refurbished & Recycled

Even if we disregard the environmental impact that trashing your old electronics has, it is still incredibly wasteful to throw them away because the materials in them are highly reusable. For example, plastics and metals like aluminum, copper, gold, and silver used in electronics are easily recycled, saving valuable natural resources that would otherwise be wasted if they went straight to a landfill.

Also, many electronics are in good enough shape to be refurbished and resold. Just because you upgraded, doesn’t mean someone else out there wouldn’t be perfectly happy with an older, refurbished model offered at a lower price. Either way, you are benefiting the community by choosing to recycle your old electronics instead of throwing them in the trash.

E-Waste Disposal in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

At Junk Command, we understand that the hottest technologies come and go and it’s often hard to know the best way to dispose of electronics when they become obsolete. Let us take care of that hassle for you. We’ll pick up all your unwanted electronics with the rest of your junk and make sure that they are recycled in a way that keeps the environment and the community safe.

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