Spotlight on Post-Construction Clean-up & Waste Removal

7 Nov
Spotlight on Post-Construction Clean-up & Waste Removal

If you’ve decided to spruce up your home with a renovation like a kitchen remodel, fireplace make-over or a swimming pool installation, you most likely will end up with quite a bit of debris and mess. Construction, demolition, and remodeling create an enormous amount of waste and it is sometimes difficult to understand how to dispose of it while keeping the community and environment in mind.

At Junk Command, we can handle post-construction clean-up and waste removal for you.

Heavy construction materials like bricks, steel, or granite require proper and safe disposal; they need to be secured safely when being transported from your home. Products like gravel, concrete, tiles, or shingles require special knowledge and experience to be moved properly and also disposed of in an eco-conscious manner.

Conscious Recycling of Construction Materials & Waste

Many construction materials like the ones listed here can be reused or recycled, saving them from the landfill:

  • brass
  • packing “peanuts”
  • cardboard
  • concrete
  • brick
  • wood scraps
  • drywall
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • sawdust
  • copper
  • foam
  • plastic
  • glass

But items like vinyl, fiberglass, and laminate are difficult to recycle and require proper disposal to avoid hurting the environment.

Other waste materials from a renovation or remodel may leave you questioning how to safely dispose of them. Leftover hazardous waste like paint and cleaning materials, for example, cannot be recycled and should never be disposed of in regular trash services or dumped down a drain.

Also, soil, plant trimmings, and other yard waste from landscaping projects should not be left for curbside pick-up unless you have made an arrangement with your local sanitation department.

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