Restaurant Closings: Junk Removal Needs

1 Aug
Restaurant Closings: Junk Removal Needs

You may be shutting down a restaurant for good or expanding to a bigger and better location. Either way, you will be left with appliances, furniture, and debris that need to be disposed of carefully to keep the environment and the surrounding communities safe. Junk Command understands your needs when closing or relocating a restaurant. We’re here through the entire junk removal process from pick up to clean up.

Items Removed During Restaurant Closing or Relocation

A restaurant is a complex business with many items needed to fulfill all operations from furniture like booths and tables to appliances like stoves. These big, bulky items need special disposal. If they’re in decent shape, they can be sold for reuse while the rest need to be recycled. You don’t want your restaurant closing to have a harmful effect on the community, so don’t dispose of these items in a dumpster where they will likely end up in a nearby landfill.

Small items like dishware and cookware make up a big part of the waste of a restaurant closing and have the potential to benefit the community rather than harm it. These items could be sold for reuse by another restaurant or organization in need. If not, you should do what you can to avoid having them thrown in a landfill.

Also, any electronics used at your business, like TVs, computers, or cash registers need to be recycled or taken to a facility that specializes in e-waste to avoid harmful chemicals hurting the environment.

Junk Removal for Restaurants in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

At Junk Command, we understand how difficult the business side of restaurant closing or moving can be, so we tackle the hassles of hauling and clean up for you. We specialize in junk removal for businesses, you can focus on more important things. Next time you’re in need of business moving services, call the friendly team at Junk Command for eco-friendly junk removal.

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