22 Dec
Responsible Carpet Removal from Junk Command

So it’s time for the house or office remodel that you’ve been waiting for. You’ve made decisions about design and you plan to install hardwoods, laminate, or maybe you’re refreshing the space with new carpet.

9 Dec
Junk Removal Services: Understanding Bookings & Pricing

Whether you’re moving out of a house, cleaning up from a renovation, or relocating a business, the junk removal services by Junk Command can handle the disposal of all of your unwanted materials like trash, construction debris, furniture, electronics and appliances.

7 Nov
Spotlight on Post-Construction Clean-up & Waste Removal

If you’ve decided to spruce up your home with a renovation like a kitchen remodel, fireplace make-over or a swimming pool installation, you most likely will end up with quite a bit of debris and mess. Construction, demolition, and remodeling create an enormous amount of waste and it is sometimes difficult to understand how to dispose of it while keeping the community and environment in mind.

19 Aug
Eco-Friendly Junk Removal & Recycling: Be Kind to the Environment

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22 Jul
Downsizing and Don’t Know What to Do With all of Your Stuff?

For empty-nesters and seniors alike, downsizing can seem overwhelming. Over the years it’s easy to accumulate more and more “stuff” which can make the idea of decluttering and getting rid of all that “stuff” a daunting proposition.