One Man’s Trash: Furniture Reuse & Recycling

1 Mar
One Man’s Trash: Furniture Reuse & Recycling

You may not think of furniture as waste in the same way you do plastic bottles or used Starbucks cups. But furniture, like other forms of trash, can end up in landfills just as easily, which is disappointing when you consider the saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When it comes to furniture, this could not be more true. People all over turn to thrift stores and donation centers when it comes time to decorating either to save money or to add a retro spin on things. Needless to say, that couch you’ve had in the basement for 10 years could be a gold mine to someone looking for a particular design taste.

Can Your Furniture Be Recycled or Reused?

Whether you’re getting rid of old, unusable furniture, or it’s simply time for a fresh look, there are ways to dispose of your furniture that are eco-friendly and considerate. Imagine a perfectly good couch in a landfill somewhere when it could be going to good use in someone else’s home.

Things like sofas, tables, and chairs can easily be used by another family and so should be donated or sold instead of throwing them in the dump. However, sometimes furniture is broken and beyond repair and in this case, it needs to be recycled properly to limit its effects on the environment and the community.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Furniture

It’s important to keep in mind your local guidelines for disposing of unwanted furniture. Check with your local sanitation department before placing it on the curb because most areas will not allow you to dispose of bulky items like furniture in your regular, curbside pick-up.

Some cities, though, will allow you to schedule a pick-up for old furniture to be recycled and others have specific days throughout the year for “bulky item pick-ups.” It’s important to investigate the best way to recycle furniture in your area because you don’t want to just leave it outside where it becomes an eyesore for the whole neighborhood.

Another great way to dispose of unwanted furniture is to donate it to an organization that benefits those in need. Choosing to donate to charities like Habitat for Humanity or others like it is a great way to keep your footprint to a minimum while benefiting the community at the same time. Many of these organizations also offer furniture pick-up, so you can save yourself the hassle of transportation. This especially comes in handy for big, bulky items.

Easy Furniture Disposal in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

We understand that trying to figure out the easiest way to dispose of unwanted furniture while keeping the environment and community in mind can be a big hassle, so if you’re looking for fast, easy furniture disposal or removal in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, look no further than Junk Command.

Give us a call and we’ll handle all of your furniture removal needs from pickup to clean-up, whether it’s one sofa or an entire house. We’ll haul away your old or unwanted furniture and either donate it for reuse or, if it is no longer in good condition, dispose of it at the proper recycling facility, so you can rest easy knowing that you did your part in keeping the environment and community clean and safe.

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