Easy, Eco-Conscious Trash Removal After Garage & Estate Sales

11 Jan
Easy, Eco-Conscious Trash Removal After Garage & Estate Sales

There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting rid of clutter. And while a garage sale or estate sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted junk and make a few extra bucks, such sales are often done out of necessity.

Either way, you are likely to be left with many items unsold that you no longer want to store. Leaving them out for the trash can be damaging to the community and the environment if your regular trash removal service doesn’t pick up bulky items and if they are not sorted and recycled properly.

When this is the case, Junk Command can step in and take care of your junk and trash removal needs. Junk Command is there for Minneapolis-St.Paul residents who need an extra hand in getting rid of post-garage/estate sale junk.

Estate Sales

When it comes to estate sales, we are experienced in coordinating with liquidation professionals and real estate representatives to clean up an estate in a timely manner. We understand that estate sales often come at an emotionally taxing time, so we do our best to make the final removal of any unsold items as smooth and easy on families as possible, saving you time and effort. We’re happy to work with you to make sure your schedule is taken into account and that your estate clean-up is handled as efficiently as possible.

Garage Sales

In the event of yard sales and garage sales, you may feel inclined to continue storing the leftovers from your sale because it is too difficult or frustrating to deal with the disposal of those items yourself. We understand the process of post-garage sale clean-up and we’re happy to manage that burden for you.

We can get rid of your unwanted furniture and household items whether large or small-scale. Don’t allow garage sale clutter to continue to collect; contact Junk Command to remove the junk at a reasonable price while keeping the environment and community in mind.

Junk Command will get all of your unwanted or unsold items off of your property and also clean up after, leaving your estate or yard clean and clutter-free. Our garage and estate sale removal processes are eco-friendly, so we donate, recycle and reuse as much as possible and sort and deliver the rest to appropriate disposal facilities minimizing the impact on the community and environment.

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