Miscellaneous Recycling

Scrap Metal & Appliance Recycling

Miscellaneous Recycling

At Junk Command, we're are experts in appliance recycling, TV recycling, scrap metal recycling, and other forms of miscellaneous recycling. We deal with cleanup of garbage that is often too specialized for everyday trash removal services. If your junk is dangerous or larger than normal, we can deal with it responsibly. Come to us for all your junk disposal and appliance recycling needs, and we'll make sure it's dealt with in an eco-friendly way.

Eco-Friendly Appliance Recycling Services

We consider it a point of pride that we are able to minimize the impact of waste material on the environment. We keep as much junk out of landfills as possible. At your request, we donate so your old items can help other people. Or, we'll bring items to thrift shops for the same purpose. If we can't donate, we try to reuse materials and parts. If that isn't possible, we recycle at appliance recyclers and the like.

And if a landfill is the only option, we use county transfer stations to reduce labor and operating costs and get the waste away from our local communities. Here, rubbish of all kinds can be sorted further, then disposed of responsibly and ethically. Whether you need TC recycling and pick up or appliance hauling and junk removal, you can trust our team for professional scrap metal recycling.

Appliance & Scrap Metal Recyling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

In order to be effective and eco-conscious when it comes to appliance and scrap metal recycling in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we understand exactly what materials can go where. For example, we will take scrap metal to the correct scrap metal recycling facility. Yard waste goes to topsoil recycling centers, and electronic waste goes to e-waste recycling centers.

This means that you get peace of mind when you utilize Junk Command for your junk-hauling needs. As long as your recyclables don't fall into the food waste category, we can handle whatever items you need to get rid of. We'll come to your rescue - haul it away, and deal with it so you don't have to.

Junk Command is a family-run Twin Cities-based company with deep roots in the community. All our employees are insured and properly trained. We will haul away your junk and clean spaces up for you at an affordable price point. For additional information, please contact us by phone or via our online request form.